AMA Recap with Dx Spot and Coinswap Space

The Coinswap Space community conducted another successful AMA on the CSS Telegram Channel on February 18, 2022.

This time around, the AMA was participated in by one of the prominent blockchain-based platforms on the Binance Smart Chain network that offers an application-based crypto trading bot platform — the Dx Spot. It aims to become a comprehensive, open-source ecosystem designed for the continuous growth of AI bot trading in the crypto world. As an AI crypto bot, Dx Spot offers a better level of performance and can achieve a higher level of profit generation for investors. This means that if the investors use Dx Spot to trade, they do not need to study and experiment with various techniques and parameters, and they can expect a profitable long-term strategy.

CSS invited Mr. Antonio Mo, Chief marketing officer (CMO) of Dx Spot, to talk at this AMA. Mr. Mo shared his decades of experience in the field of AI technology, blockchain, and marketing. Eventually, Mr. Mo offered his insights and addressed all pertinent CSS community questions about DxSpot, including Dx Spot’s unique features to become one of the best tokens in the cryptocurrency world, competitive advantage that makes the project different from the others, marketing strategies to be implemented to acquire more investors, security features of Dx Spot, and long-term marketing plans.

The CSS team received a large number of questions. However, questions were narrowed down to five. The five points raised during the AMA event are as follows.

Question №1: As we know, many new projects make a good impression at first but are suddenly abandoned. How will you manage projects and tokens to gain a place in the market and become the best token in the cryptocurrency world?

That is a lovely question. We are constantly striving to improve our project development efficiency. I’d want to emphasize that our project is real and active at the time of this AMA.

We first built DX AI on a web platform, and then last year, we released Android apps to give our users a better experience with our AI. We hope to reach 1 million users in the future, and the DXS token will serve as the foundation for the ecosystem of DX Spot apps.

Will we abandon this project if we set a target of 1,000,000 active users worldwide? No way. The real money is in our ability to meet market demand.

Question №2: Lately there have been too many magical projects that promised but never released a working product or proved any revenue, in a short/long time of release. Is your project like this too? If not, can you tell us what makes your project different from the others?

Yes… As I stated in my response to the first question, I must concur with your viewpoint on other projects. We’re not coming up with ideas; we’re putting them into action. Our project is now up and running, and we wish to expand globally. Our primary source of revenue will be from all app options since there will be a gas fee and a subscription fee to utilize our apps, and all those ecosystems will use the DXS token as a payment gateway. So, what we’re doing here is creating more and more demand for DXS.

Question №3: Getting the trust of users in this bear season is indeed a big problem. What marketing strategies are implemented to gain more user belief? On what factors should I as an investor invest? How are you planning to expand your market to non-crypto users?

What is the best time to buy? Bear season or bullish seasons? I understand our apps are not solely about AI for trading, but you should be aware that our apps include a staking program, as well as games to make money from DX Games and DeFi. And we’re intending to provide an ambassador in each country, so a personal touch will be present since we’re confident that a local language will be successful in disseminating the need for DX Spot apps.

Question №4: Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers, and users feel safe when working with your project?

Trust is what we require. Trust creates demand, and market demand results in more users for the apps, hence boosting the DXS Value.

Trust is our secret ingredient; without enough protection and maintenance, DX Spot will break down. In conclusion, we recognize that being trustworthy is our guiding principle. That is why we will constantly maintain the status quo.

Our team Doxxed, and our IT team is always monitoring the timeline to ensure the ecosystem works smoothly and operates well.”

Question №5: My question is about your long-term marketing plans. How, or through which big partnerships, do you plan on utilizing to pass your product onto the normal — especially non-crypto people?

Right, without proper marketing, no project will succeed. We believe that a personal touch is the best way to deliver our products and services to our customers, which is why, in addition to social media advertising, we will establish ambassadors in each country to explain Dx Spot Apps in their native languages.

We feel that by doing so, we can provide a more personal touch to non-crypto users and pique their interest in Dx Spot.

Mr. Antonio Mo closed the AMA session by thanking the CSS team for the invitation and encouraging the entire community to learn more about Dx Spot, participate in more engaging discussions, and take part in their regular giveaways, and exciting events.

In general, the AMA with Dx Spot has been a success, and the CSS team and community are pleased with the results.

The CSS team wishes to convey their gratitude for their participation, as well as the community’s love and support. We hope to see you at the upcoming AMA session.



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