AMA Recap with FUDX

Coinswap Space regularly holds an Ask May Anything (AMA) event to address various questions and issues concerning the platform and its launchpad partners. The activity helps to create ties between the crypto community and the team, helping investors to make sound investment strategies on crypto projects.

This time, Coinswap Space got the opportunity to host another AMA with the FUDX blockchain platform. FUDX is a one-stop delivery marketplace powered by blockchain technology that enables consumers to quickly order anything they want from the nearest retailer.

On March 3rd, 2022, FUDx held its much-anticipated AMA session on the CSS Telegram channel.

CCS invited the CEO of FUDX, Mr. Amit, to speak at this AMA. Mr. Amit briefly introduced himself after being welcomed by CSS Digital Marketing Head Mr. Mark Anthony Wagan. Finally, Mr. Amit shared his thoughts and insights on the FUDX project.

A great number of questions were sent to the CSS team. However, the number of questions was reduced to five. The following are the five questions raised during the AMA session:

Question №1: In the hospitality service ecosystem, partners are critical for the strength of the ecosystem. Could you tell us about your project’s partners and the method you’ve used to expand globally?

We have a channel partner program in which we onboard partners, assign them specific responsibilities, and in exchange for fulfilling those responsibilities, they receive handsome returns from the business. This program enables us to establish a new level of the ecosystem. Where we are unable to reach, we can nonetheless launch services with the assistance of these partners. Social media is the primary tool for locating such partners, and then we have a mechanism in place to onboard them. This was more foundational work; now we’re moving on to strategic partners. We’ve already engaged CSS, XION, and a few others, and we’re also in the final stages of negotiations with a few more for collaboration and strategic community creation. All of the partners to whom we are referring are global in scope. For us, the more people, organizations, and businesses we can contact, the more favorable responses we receive. As a result, collaboration has become easier, and we are making progress daily.

Question №2: What prompted you to launch FUDxCoin? What are some of the real-world issues/pain points that FUDxCoin wants to address in the hospitality services ecosystem?

Every business has a gap, and hospitality is no exception; the industry is so large that it could absorb ten times the number of participants it now has. The significant user concerns that we are addressing are the following: user experience, high cost to business owners, delivery mechanism with timetables, and, most significantly, customer service experience. The list is lengthy, but we had to narrow it down to a few to meet the established milestones. We have over 50,000 registered users who have accepted our efforts. We are in the process of developing a community of people who will come to us for the service, not for the discounts or special offers. Our mission is to be for, by, and with the people.

Question №3: Almost every investor holds the token for the short term without considering its long-term value. Therefore, how can you ensure that owning this token is more beneficial in the long run, and what is your strategy for increasing the token’s demand and scarcity?

We need to realize that we are conducting real-time business and that the token has a legitimate use case. More time is spent, more customers are acquired, and the number of token holders increases. The greater the volume of transactions, the more certain it is that demand will always exist in the system. After a few token cycles, tokens will be burned in merchant premises and e-commerce businesses regularly in return for fiat money, thereby reducing overall supply and increasing token value.

Question №4: What aspects of your project and products do you believe will contribute to your success? Is it the people, the product, or the service?

The Team, the Product, and the Service we require all of them to create a successful model; each is a pillar, and without any of them, we would be unable to reach any milestone. Fortunately, our team is knowledgeable, our product is straightforward and transparent, and we are compassionate and have a clear goal for successfully reaching out to customers and acquiring them on their terms.

Question №5: Cryptocurrencies are not widely used in the Southeast Asian market, particularly in nations such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Are you planning to visit any of these prospective crypto-currency countries?

Asia is a critical component of a business. Yes, we have some significant plans for these places. We already have a public relations team working on it. As social media is the cornerstone of marketing, we will make every effort to reach out to all users and establish the greatest community possible in these resilient countries as well.

Mr. Amit thanked the CSS team for the invitation and encouraged the entire community to support the FUDX project. He also invited the participants to engage in their upcoming IDO on CSS spacePad.

The AMA with FUDX was a success in general, and the CSS team and community were delighted with the results.

The CSS team would like to thank everyone who came and participated for their time and effort. We hope to see you at the upcoming AMA session.



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