CoinSwap Space: Latest Updates

We at the CoinSwap Space team always want to give our precious community the latest news and information that can be very beneficial to everyone.

So now, here are some of the updates that we want to give you:

  • We want to inform and remind everyone that farming and staking is for all our community to enjoy, that is why we would like to inform you that we will continue to improve our staking and farming. We will continue the development to make it more user-friendly and easy to access. This includes adding more pools and other relevant improvements and integrations.
  • Our token, CSS is now both a governance and utility token.
  • Governance tokens are tokens that developers create to allow token holders to help shape the future of a protocol. Governance token holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself. So with our tokens, you are now allowed to do some decisions and give suggestions to help improve the ecosystem of ConSwap Space.
  • Now, being a utility token, you can be able to use it more towards our pools, farming, staking, and swapping. Giving you more rewards.
  • We are also now capitalizing more on referrals. On our new and upcoming UI for CSS, we will have a program called My Space where our investors and your referrals can enjoy premium tools and services that can help you gain and maximize the usage of your CSS tokens. Giving you your own special space to manage your tokens.
  • Lastly, kindly expect more polls that can give you the power to choose which one would you like as a reward or what would happen to the project. We will also be having more activities and games like a lottery where you can use your CSS tokens.

As for a timeline, we do not want to put any timeline. As good developments do not need any or come with a timeline. You just better stay tuned always for our updates.

We are also not going to put or say our marketing plan, as these are mainly for the project and people involved in the project, so it is better to remain not as a secret but more of a strategy that is within the walls of our project.

As for listing on the exchange, we will maybe be focusing more on our integration and protocols than listing at the moment, since it is important to improve the UI and response of our Dapp. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be listing it, but we just want to focus more on what is important.

With regards to the price, we are very much happy about the price and what it has achieved ever since the launch, and we will continue to support our community by giving them back what they need and want to make their investments in our tokens be more usable and profitable in the long run.



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