Coinswap space official Takeoff recap

Entire team would like to thank you very much for the massive support which we received during the Takeoff event.

Let’s go through the process again, initially we encounter some technical issues around production servers, because of that we needed to delay the start.

We have successfully launched CSS/BUSD liquidity pool at price $0.25, allowing members to start swapping BUSD for CSS, than the next step was to add CSS/BNB liquidity, but we have encounter transaction delay on Binance Smart Chain, so initial CSS/BNB liquidity has been added by the community. We have made a strategic decision to move 199,034 CSS tokens (966 tokens used for creating farm pool) into the Multisig secure smart contract. Those CSS will be used for one of the following purposes, CEX Listing, Increase Liquidity, Burn or for boosting rewards for the community.

Issues which have been raised by our fantastic community:

Lets focus on positive aspects:

We are now just over 14h since we have launched the protocol, we are very pleased from a technical point of view, of course the process didn’t go as smoothly as we expected, but from now on we can focus on improvements and development of new features.

Please go through CSS Road map



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