CoinSwap Space — Updates for the Week

CoinSwap Space — Updates for the Week

Another week has come upon us, and there has been a lot of new updates and implementations that happened. Here are some of them:

  • We are now listed to both CryptoCompare and CoinPaprika. We are still in talks with CoinGecko, and we are expecting to be listed with them as well soon.
  • We have just rolled out our latest update when it comes to our Dapp. That’s the implementation f being rewarded in LINK when you stake in $CSS.
  • We also now have a new pool that is LINK/BNB, where you can also be rewarded in $CSS.
  • We also rolled out a new and refreshed UI for Farm Menu, Stake Menu and the rest mode allows its users to turn off the star and planet effects in the background.
  • In the new stake model, the rewards for your referrals will now be paid by your corresponding reward coin.

There you have it, and more updates will come as we move forward when it comes to improving our platform and services. This includes resolving a few bugs and issues, improving integrations, and giving what the community needs thru voting and polls.

Thank you for being part of our #CoinSwapSpace Community!


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