Get Ready to Experience Auto-Compounding on CSS and Enjoy High APY!

2 min readNov 9, 2021


Coinswap Space will soon implement auto-compounding on the CSS launch pools!

This utility will give you high returns without flicking a finger! Staking $CSS will never be the same again with the implementation of auto-compounding, which can easily enlarge your cryptocurrency funds! And do note that there will be no referral program and no BNB commission fee! How cool is that?

But what is auto-compounding?

Auto-compounding means that instead of having to re-stake your assets manually from time to time to get the best APY, it will be done automatically for you!

What is compounding?

Let’s simply put it this way — Compounding allows users to deposit cryptocurrency into lending pools for access by borrowers. Lenders then earn interest on the assets they deposit.

Difference between auto-compounding and manual compounding?

Here are some advantages when it comes to getting into auto-compounding against manual.

  • No BNB commission fee on auto-compounding compared to manual
  • The tokens that you will earn will be compounded automatically every 5 minutes without any actions needed from your end!
  • You can have a higher APY! — The more frequent the compounding is, the much higher $CSS token profit you will get due to its regular increase of the initially invested sum of $CSS tokens for staking.

Can you still manually compound on Coinswap Space?

Yes, you can! But for this, you need to harvest or compound the earned tokens on your own.

When can we expect this to be implemented?

The auto-compounding utility will be implemented or applied very soon. So if you are excited about it, do stay tuned for our future updates!

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