Here Are Some of the CoinSwap Space Updates for the Community!

2 min readJun 4, 2021

Another week has passed, and we are now bringing some of the latest updates about the project. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • We are now listed on PooCoinCharts!
  • We are also now listed on World Coin Index!
  • We have already reached the 13M TVL.
  • We have just recently concluded our very first online competition that is the CSS Video Making Contest with our winner — Arjay Jimenez!
  • We have been featured in a lot of different blogs and articles. HackerNoon, Grit Daily, Yahoo Finance, and others.
  • We also have activated our Google Ads — You will be seeing more of our platform on different websites due to these efforts.
  • We also have launched new farming pairs for the community to enjoy.
  • We are now integrated with BitQuery. This will enable anyone to pull any data for CoinSwap.

What are the next targets that we have? Here are some of the targets that we are now trying to accomplish:

  • Continuous improvement and integration with various protocols for a more seamless platform usage and functionality.
  • Continuous on-chain voting for the community.
  • Creating a CSS Lab: A virtual lab for developers.
  • Increasing and improving the shares on the AMM pool.
  • More CEX, DEX, and Dapp Listings.
  • Giving more the investors and community what they want when it comes to the overall outcome of the platform.
  • More exciting news, updates, and community engagement activities!

We are here not a scam. We are not a rug-puller. We are decentralized. We are here to stay. We are #CoinSwapSpace.




The CoinSwap is a suite of products in Decentralized Finance. Perfect ecosystem for automated liquidity provision on Binance Smart Chain — AMM