Infodriver Capital X Coinswap Space: A Cooperation to Look Forward To!

The cooperation between Coinswap Space and Infodriver Capital is something that you should not miss this year!

So, who is Infodriver Capital? Infodriver Capital or also known as ID Capital is an asset management fund and blockchain company that was built to support consulting networking with international blockchain companies, associations, and projects like Coinswap Space.

They also offer alternative investments and marketing, to which they connect you with global influencers in the IT and blockchain industry.

Furthermore, Infodriver Capital which is based in both UAE and Panama is an active member of the Liquidity Alliance with Ruby Family Office UK.

Liquidity Alliance manages around $50 million worth of liquidity on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and Coinswap Space decentralized exchanges, which is for top-trading volume crypto pairs backed by IDR or also known as the Infodriver utility token.

Going back to Infodriver Capital, as an asset management fund and blockchain consulting firm, they are also an early investor or advisor for top-notch blockchain startups such as: Toscale, Aimedis, GoldFinX, Unix Gaming, Cyber City, Dexstar, JAX Network, Realtize, Leyline, Omla and of course Coinswap Space.

Overall, this cooperation is quite promising and has a lot of things to offer to the Defi, Blockchain, and Crypto Community that we should all check out in the future!



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