OpenLive NFT will launch in Coinswap Space?

One of the latest trends recently in the world of cryptocurrency is associated with non-fungible tokens. NFTs pertain to unique cryptographic assets based on the foundation of blockchain technology. They are considered digital assets representing real-life objects like collectibles and artworks that can be traded on public blockchains.

NFTs have been gaining in popularity as the crypto community has been fascinated by Decentralized finance (DeFi), with applications spanning from digital artworks to gaming and finance. The NFT market is growing at a steady rate, with initiatives in a variety of sectors, including Metaverse projects, contributing to the overall growth. The market for NFTs generated more than $10 billion in transaction volume in the third quarter of 2021.

Many artists and designers are currently asking how to create and sell an NFT due to the high prices certain NFT art has garnered at auction. Creativebloq (2021) listed different procedures on how to create, sell and buy NFTs which are as follows: (1) buy some cryptocurrency; (2) create a digital wallet to pay for your NFT (3); add some cryptocurrency to your wallet (4); connect your wallet to an NFT platform (5); upload the file you want to turn into an NFT (6); set up an auction for your NFT (7) add a description to sell your NFT (8) pay the listing fee to sell your NFT.

Since NFT serves as a means with the ability to deploy new activities and income opportunities, creators and investors are looking for a platform where they can create and trade their NFTs. One of the popular NFT auction platforms in the NFT marketplace is OpenLive NFT.

Founded in September 2021, OpenLive NFT is a decentralized exchange platform where users can generate NFT, buy and sell NFT, and avail of NFT storage. It has been built for exchanging NFT tokens such as popular NFT platforms like Rarible and Opensea. As a marketplace, it unlocks a plethora of opportunities as an effective medium for creators and traders in various fields such as digital art, music, real estate, sports, and games. As a pioneering platform, OpenLive NFT supports startups to raise funds for the community and connects and collaborates with strategic partners globally. NFT supports NFT launchpad and GameFi metaverse that offers Initial NFT Offering (INO) and Initial GameFi Offering (IGO).

OpenLive NFT has competent founders and advisors in the core development team who make sure that the platform runs more smoothly and effectively on the project development side. The team is also backed up by strategic partners such as AIC, Stech, Jade Lab, BSC, Capital, Fufubank, among others.

As one of the leading players in the Defi ecosystem, Coinswap Space recognizes the dynamic future of NFT. With this, the company has a definite roadmap covering NFT art-related activities such as creating NFT characters, physical NFT gallery, and NFT renting & exhibit.

Currently, the OpenLive NFT will be launched on the Coinswap Space platform and will conduct an AMA: Ask Me Anything event which will enable NFT fans and creators across the world to interact with the CSS team to experience accessible and modern NFT market and NFT tokens evolution in a rapidly growing digital space.

Be with us and participate in this important event. See you all at the upcoming AMA on January 14, 2022, at 11 AM CET.

For more information about the OpenLive NFT event, access Coinswap Space at




The CoinSwap is a suite of products in Decentralized Finance. Perfect ecosystem for automated liquidity provision on Binance Smart Chain — AMM

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The CoinSwap is a suite of products in Decentralized Finance. Perfect ecosystem for automated liquidity provision on Binance Smart Chain — AMM

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