Oracula: Win, Earn, Farm, and Get NFT Bonuses All The Way

The explosion of interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has led to the increasing popularity of prediction markets. A prediction market is an exchange-traded market where people can exchange contracts that pay based on the outcomes of unknown future events. The market values generated from these contracts might be seen as a form of collective forecast among market players and the market prices can indicate what the crowd thinks the probability of the event is. In a prediction market, transactions operate via self-executing smart contracts built on the blockchain made up of market participants betting on several events, including exchange averages, entertainment, sports and election results, quarterly sales results, and movies.

In the DeFi prediction markets, there is one platform that offers a new world of entertainment with endless possibilities to earn money by anticipating the outcome of an event in the world, whether it’s showbusiness, good movies, indoor football teams, or other kinds of sports. Introducing Oracula — the prediction market platform with the safest ecosystem designed for bettors and blockchain enthusiasts.

The Oracula’s major goal is to become the betting industry’s worldwide gaming token and premier currency. Oracula seeks to solve a lack of transparency and guarantees that participants receive the most benefit most naturally and enjoyably possible. Its platform is built on cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal comfort, speed, and security, which is audited by Hacken and Techrate and KYC verified by Coinscope.

The Oracula ecosystem is based on a decentralized utility token that serves as the platform’s primary currency. The Oracula token can be used on the platform to place bets and enter challenges, as well as to earn reward points and bonuses, and it can be exchanged for fiat and other cryptocurrencies via linked exchanges. Additionally, it is a governance token, allowing users to influence the platform’s future improvements.

In account for tokenomics, Oracula has a total circulation supply of 50,000,000 $Oracula, of which 29% is dedicated to farming and staking funds, 19.5% to marketing, bonuses, and rewards fund, 13% to the development fund, 10.6% to team and family tokens, 10% to private sale, 8% to seed round, 5% to backers and advisors, 4% to public sale, and 2% to liquidity.

Ensuring the platform technology’s seamless operation, Oracula’s team of experts possesses extensive experience in information technology, marketing, and cryptography, enabling them to revolutionize the face of decentralized prediction markets. Oracula has strategic partners and investors that assist in developing an edge in the marketplace, including Nerdz Capital, Alpha Blockz, Daoland, GPool, DAOStarter, Zamio, Rigel Protocol, Maison.

As a major player in the DeFi ecosystem, Coinswap Space recognizes the dynamic future of decentralized prediction markets. As a result, Metaverse Lab has become one of the company’s launchpad partners. This partnership is expected to provide benefits and opportunities to the platform’s users and holders.

Oracula will be launched on the Coinswap Space platform and will host an AMA: Ask Me Anything event, allowing every crypto enthusiast from all over the world to interact with the CSS and Metaverse team to experience the growing prediction market.

Join us and take part in this much-anticipated event. See you, everyone, at the upcoming AMA on March 21, 2022, at 11 a.m. CET. The IDO launch will take place soon on the CSS spacePad.

Seize the opportunity to join the Oracula platform as a user and investor. Participate, attract new participants, and profit from each bet placed by other users. To discover more about Oracula and the next generation of prediction markets, please visit https://oracula.io/.



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