Scorefam: The Earning Space for Crypto & Sports Lovers

4 min readApr 7, 2022


As blockchain technology advances, it is demonstrating its potential as a strong tool in a wide range of industries, including sports. Numerous professional clubs and teams are using blockchain-based solutions and customizing blockchain use cases in sports to boost fan engagement and profitability. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on ticket sales, clubs must embrace this type of innovation to survive.

With the growth of online events and shifting fan preferences, creating entertaining gameday experiences continues to be a challenge. Due to the rapid growth of sports gaming and the fact that the majority of athletic events now take place without spectators, clubs must vary their offerings and rethink their fan engagement techniques. All of this and more is possible with blockchain technology in sports.

Blockchain applications in the sports sector are generating new revenue streams and innovations in numerous ways, ranging from fan tokens and digital collectibles to fan loyalty and engagement platforms. According to the data from Statista, the global sports betting business reached a market value of 203 billion US dollars, and the serviceable addressable market for blockchain-based sports betting was $66.25 billion US dollars. Apart from traditional physical games, this enables ports clubs and organizations to offer an online extension of their brand and cater to the needs of a younger digitally-inclined public, thereby expanding their fan base and safeguarding their long-term survival. According to Protokol, blockchain applications and use cases in sports include fan tokens, digital trading cards, and collectibles powered by NFT technology, fan loyalty and engagement platforms, blockchain-based ticketing systems, and decentralized esports ecosystems.

In the landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) space, there is one platform that has built an application in assisting the physical and digital sports sectors in confronting their challenges head-on by monetizing their fan bases, increasing engagement, and fostering loyalty, while building a strong and healthy game crypto-economy — introducing the Scorefam.

Scorefam is a blockchain gaming sports platform that enables sports fans to earn money while partaking in their favorite athletic and gaming activities in a completely decentralized manner. Scorefam enables football gaming users to take advantage of blockchain technology providing a certain extent of anonymity and total control over the game’s assets. Scorefam is an all-in-one service that allows users to easily manage their staking, subscriptions, referral incentives, and other rewards on the site giving Scorefam a competitive edge over competitors.

Scorefam has a utility token that powers the platform ecosystem called SFT. SFT is a multi-chain token built on the Binance Smart Chain & NEAR protocol which implements a monthly burning feature that reduces circulating supply when transactions are made. The token can be used by users to earn money by predicting and staking, and participating in football fantasy leagues. Additionally, Scorefam tokens will be utilized for all prizes, rewards, staking, burning, acquisition of NFTs, and platform governance.

The Scorefam’s ecosystem is made up of two interconnected platforms: and Scorefam Fantasy & NFT Marketplace. The Scorefam Predict & Win is an earn-as-you-play sports prediction game in which users may bet and win SFT by correctly predicting the outcomes of football matches from over 200 leagues using novel gaming styles such as locked, flexible, and multi-flex gaming. On the other hand, the Scorefam Fantasy & NFT Marketplace is a fantasy sports game in which participants may buy, sell, trade, and manage virtual teams via the NFT marketplace.

In terms of tokenomics, Scorefam (SFT) has a maximum supply of 500,000,000 with an initial supply of 14,250,000 SFT tokens. The breakdown of the token distribution is as follows: 5% is dedicated to seed sale, 17% for private rounds, 3% for public sale, 10% for the team, 19% for P2E rewards, 12% for reserves, 15% for staking rewards, 11% for marketing, 2% for exchanges/liquidity, and 4% for advisers.

Scorefam has an accomplished world-class team with a track record of successfully growing businesses. With global experience working for some of the world’s largest betting firms, online marketplaces, finance, marketing, technological development, and cryptography, the Scorefam team has demonstrated its capacity to develop market-leading and community-focused services that will alter the realm of decentralized sports betting. Some of the competent professionals of Scorefam consist of Adeyemo as CEO, Babasola Sofowora as COO, Chinaza Okpara as CTO, Oluwaseun Adekanbi as CMO. Scorefam consists

Enetpulse, Chainlink, Aurelia Ventures, GetFundedAfrica, Manilla Technologies, Binance, Diviner Protocol, Orijin, Coinswap Space, and Near are among the strategic partners of Scorfam who help Scorefam achieve its objective of bridging the gap between the crypto world and the world of sports.

Coinswap Space just announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Scorefam to serve as a launchpad partner. This is because Coinswap Space recognizes Scorefam’s vital role in revolutionizing the way we use blockchain technology in gaming As such, Scorefam will be launched on the Coinswap Space platform and will include an AMA: Ask Me Anything session, allowing sports lovers and crypto fans from around the world to engage with the CSS community and understand how Scorefam will be ready to disrupt the crypto sports betting and prediction market’s status quo.

Be with us and participate in this important event. See you all at the upcoming AMA on April 7, 2022, at 11 AM UTC. The IDO will follow on April 20, 2022.

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