The Blubitex AMA: What Has Transpired on This Online Event?

The Blubitex AMA: What Has Transpired on This Online Event?

An AMA or Ask Me Anything event was held on the CoinSwap Space Official Telegram Channel on September 08, 2021, and a lot of the community members raised their questions to be able to know more about BBE or also known as Blubitex which offers an advanced and user-friendly ecosystem of opportunity within the crypto sphere.

Here are some of the questions from this AMA:

This AMA started by introducing Mac Thomas, who is the Blubitex Designated Representative. According to him, Mac is a Professional Forex Trader — 7 years, AI trading development — 5 years, Fund Manager — 4,5 years & Crypto Investor — 4 years.

Now for the questions & answers:

  1. What’s the difference of Blubitex from others? — “Blubitex is a utility token. The purpose for BBE is utility and connection to the greater Blubitex Ecosystem, so it is important to recognize BBE as a token from the perspective of the greater picture — from the aspect of an ecosystem that plans to expand with numerous benefits, partnerships, and opportunities in the crypto sphere. At the same time, we are confident to stand apart in many key areas.”
  2. Why did BBE choose the CSS platform? — “We are very proud of our relationship with CoinSwap. We would say we chose each other because we have shared values and goals. CSS is gonna make a lot of waves, quickly, and we are ready to ride the wave together.”
  3. Why do Blubitex and CSS work together? — “We believe in the greater crypto community and the power of synergy. We see CSS as a true crypto-enthusiast, committed to ongoing value and opportunity.”
  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this project? — “We believe that our strengths lie primarily in the bigger picture and long-term vision we have. Blubitex is not a fly-by-night, a get-rich-quick scheme. We are committed to long-term value and opportunity.”
  5. Is this more reliable than others? — “Thankfully crypto structured have developed so much and there are inbuilt security features. It is mostly about picking the right tools. So we are working under the principles of holistic benefit and usability in security, user journey, and widespread adoption.”
  6. What makes BBE unique? — “Blubitex is unique in that it is not the end of itself. It is truly designed for utility. What is unique with Blubitex is the overall ecosystem and token economics. We are very focused on managing demand. And we adopt measures that are focused on the benefit of the user and token holders. As an overall ecosystem, we do not focus on profits but on investing in the opportunity overall. A major benefit is our buyback policy. A portion of revenue is put directly towards buybacks of BBE. And we also have a token burn policy that regulates demand as well. We have regular airdrops and with each airdrop, a portion of airdropped tokens goes to the burn wallets. This further builds demand.”

Mac: But in the meantime, allow me to inform you of a cool new aspect of our ecosystem. We have launched Cloud Mining packages — Ethereum Cloud Mining.

A key principle of Blubitex is to focus on reinvesting into the platform and our community.

Where many crypto projects invest a fair bit into marketing, and we do some of course, but our primary investment goes back into user experience and opportunity.”

7. Can we expect bigger things from BBE? How and Why? — “With a focus on the ecosystem, we are ever-expanding. We will drive consistent usability for the BBE Token through real world use, first within our ecosystem, and later through key partnerships that widen adoption.”

8. What’s in the roadmap of BBE? — Our Roadmap includes very ambitious plans including, gaming integration, eCommerce integration, debit card issuing, and more. This is an overview of the Blubitex Ecosystem. You can see the current and planned cycle of links. Where we at currently in our Roadmap is launching Cloud Mining. And we are in the process of gaming development. BBE will have a direct link to that. We have also entered advanced negotiations with Debit Card issuers. And an important landmark on the BBE Roadmap is LISTING ON COINSWAP!! Oh, and one more big landmark is that the BBE Token was just listed on”

9. How to exchange or convert $BBE to Fiat Money? — “The BBE Token functions as all cryptos do, and with the help of exchanges, your functionality is accomplished. As mentioned, in the future, we also plan to issue a Debit Card which allows direct debit as well.”

10. What is your opinion when compared Centralized exchange to decentralized exchange? Base on that, why was BLUBITEX created — followed centralized exchange type? — “I would say that starting that with “what is your opinion” is good because it is a matter of opinion and preference. Decentralized exchange provides a lot of flexibility and freedom. Some users may be accustomed to more centralized assistance and thus prefer that. As a matter of opinion, I believe we see a lot more emergence of decentralized exchanges, but there will be a place for both.”

11. Security of Fund is the main priority for any Trader / Investor before choosing any trading platform for Trading or Buy/sell cryptocurrencies! So, Can you tell us in detail about the security of BLUBITEX? — “As a Token, we can benefit from the vibrant, and decentralized Ethereum and Binance networks. Existing on those widely adopted networks means security is no issue. And we are with you at Coinswap due to our great confidence in the security and stability of this trading platform.”

12. Trust, security, and liquidity is very important in any trader Does BLUBITEX has any strategies to attract user in the future? — “We are brimming with confidence in the attract ability of Blubitex. Due to the ecosystem opportunity. As far as liquidity, this is fully supported. But I would say that the more important matter is tradability. With our buyback policy, there will be ongoing purchase orders for BBE. Of course, there is some fluctuation, but the buyback is a solid and long-term policy that helps to ensure ongoing demand for the Token. We may have more of a problem with no sales orders to support our buybacks! But that is a problem we would like to face. Beyond that, users who are not even that into crypto will be attracted to BBE due to the integration of more usability with gaming, eCommerce, etc.”

13. What is the most ambitious goal of your project? — “The most ambitious goal is BBE being widely adopted in business-to-business scenarios. We want to link up with merchants, developers, gaming platforms, multiple crypto, and non-crypto platforms. We want to build BBE as a preferred medium of exchange and payment across multiple industries. and the cool thing is that many of these things are in the works. I should not be telling you yet, but gaming is far along in development. And I can assure you that Blubitex will play a part in that project.”

14. What is the ultimate vision that Your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? — “The ultimate vision is for each of our token holders to enjoy massive gains.”

15. Could you share with us any Upcoming Updates that you have? — “The next development will be gaming integration. Followed by a debit card. Then we will widen adoption through connecting with more business-to-business partners. These functions will have a direct impact on the BBE usability and demand. With an integrated demand structure, a percentage of revenue is automatically channeled to token buybacks. And we will increasingly incentivize partial or even full purchase of goods and services with BBE. Within our ecosystem at first, and we are confident that this will spread beyond our community with more and more proof of concept. With the Cloud Mining packages we offer, we award a portion of BBE as well. This spread of tokens ensures more Token adoption. And encourages token trading too. We believe that more and more crypto enthusiasts will embrace BBE as a choice token because the project is not a crypto end-all but rather a big vision.”

16. I read Blubitex offers a range of Cloud Mining Packages, how’s that different from other platforms offering the same?? What more benefits are you offering?? — “Well, today we prefer to focus on Coinswap. And our relationship with you as a Token. Someone told me today that one amazing thing with crypto is the community. We are focused on shared goals and building the joint value of the community.”

17. Blubitex as a new cryptocurrency exchange platform what unique features are you offering? And how’s that gonna benefit the BLUBITEX platform users? — “Good question, because we have a limited time offer of “Buy once. Mine forever” Most offers available only offer rented mining power. For the launch phase, we allow users to have a lifetime mining right. Also, we offer unique incentives, like bundled BBE tokens, and bonus hash power depending on the package chosen. And also we are allowing resale of purchased mining power under certain conditions. Allow me to repeat this: That as part of the greater Blubitex Ecosystem, a portion of central revenue from Cloud Mining is allocated to BBE buybacks.”

18. Operations due to a lack of sustainability and incapacity to support expansion in the market are wildly shifting. How will BBE be able to deal with market fluctuations in an efficient manner? — “Well, I believe that crypto users are well acquainted with crypto value fluctuations. This is a feature of the industry, and fluctuations are generally across a range of coins both big and small. The fact is that fluctuations provide opportunity more than the lack of it for the savvy investor and trader. With the solid business value that underpins BBE, we are confident that fluctuations will be manageable and well within industry norms. Managing fluctuation is more about the general value proposition than the token itself.”

After these questions were answered by BBE, Marcin, who is the CSS Project Manager had some closing remarks:

Marcin: “Wow what a exciting AMA”

BBE: “Yesss”

Marcin: “So much fantastic information. I would like to thank you very much”

BBE: “We must thank Coinswap for your partnership and this awesome opportunity.”

Marcin: “This is a great opportunity for our community. Don’t be late tomorrow at 9:00 am CET!

BBE: “Yessssss”

Marcin: All information is also available on our new listing page:

Marcin: Thank you again.

BBE: Yeah!!

Marcin: The chat will be now unmuted.

BBE: Awesome!

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