The Week That Was: A CoinSwap Space First Week Look Back

There has been a lot of things that happened in the first week after our launch. There have been some hits and misses, but the overall experience was such an awesome ride. Let us now try to look back at some of the things that we have accomplished in the first week after our Coin Swap Space launch back on the 30th of April.

Here are the things that we have accomplished:

  • We have already integrated with TheGraph — It is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. It makes data easily accessible.
  • We have already applied to CoinGecko and DappRadar, and we are now just waiting to be listed.
  • Other than being CERTIK verified, we are also now connected with Skynet — Which leverages automated technologies to check deployed smart contracts against a wide range of known vulnerabilities at scale. The Security Oracle produces accurate smart contract security scores, which indicate the risk of hacks and code malfunctions before a transaction is submitted.
  • We have corrected the APR on our Dapp.
  • We are also able to correct the display when it comes to your referrals.
  • We are now integrated with ChartEx, the chart specifically being used by traders.
  • We have launched our first contest, which is a video creation competition. Where participants can win $CSS tokens just by promoting, featuring, and creating a review about the CSS platform or its tokens.

Here are our future targets:

  • We are going to implement an on-chain voting system or platform — Because we want to involve the community in the project.
  • Creating a lab or space for developers where they can express themselves and their interest to work with us. We will call this the CSS Lab.
  • We will leverage on the AMM — Which will allow you to increase your shares in the AMM pool.
  • We are almost done with our new UI! (User Interface). It is now in the final testing stage and will soon be ready for launch.
  • We will be creating a personal space for investors where all of their needs will be there. It will be called “MySpace.”
  • We will have NFTs and will maximize Yield Farming.
  • We will also have products and services on board to utilize the $CSS token usage.
  • We will have more prizes and surprises coming for our community.

And we are just starting to make things more interesting for everyone! Hold on as we here at CoinSwap Space take you to a whole new level of Decentralized Exchange.

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