Voting & Transaction Explorer: New Features of the CSS Dapp

As we try to expand our boundaries, we at CoinSwap Space continue to add and explore a lot of new features for our Dapp. Let us now have a look at our on-chain voting and transaction explorer.

Our transaction explorer is an additional view on our dashboard that we have created to make our community see the daily transactions in a much easier manner.

On this explorer, the investors and community members can easily see the transactions in real-time such as the total value, the sell amount, the buy amount, and the wallet address of the one that made that transaction.

Transaction explorer — CoinSwap Space

As for our voting feature, community members now have the ability to vote and submit their proposal or vote on the things that they want to happen or see as a whole in the CoinSwap Space project by using their $CSS tokens.

As you know, the $CSS token is now both a governance and utility token. And as a governance token, it represents voting power on a blockchain project just like CSS.

Also, our CSS token gives holders voting rights over proposed revisions to smart contracts at issuing protocols, allowing them to have their voices heard when it comes to making changes to how that protocol operates.

On Chain Voting — CoinSwap Space

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