What are the things you need to know about the VNT Listing?

We at CoinSwap Space are very happy to list $VNT or Vention on our Decentralized Exchange. But what is Vention? What is this listing all about? Let’s go into details, shall we?

Vention VNT is the very first NFT marketplace for local artists and celebrities in the Philippines. Also, Vention NFT is all about valuable and collectible NFTs; it’s about gaining value and fame. It is also about the protection of undervalued talents and skills.

And so to make it sure that artist and celebrities are protected of their intellectual and talent creations, we created Vention NFTs platform, of which one of its features is the NFT Farming. Owners of whitelisted NFTs can soon stake their creations. This means protection of their talents, and of course, their hard earn money via earning VNT Tokens.

The annual percentage rate (APR) will depend on the monetary value and rarity of the NFT being stake. VNT Farming is provided to ensure that talent and skills are protected, gave the proper fame, and of course the earning value that it deserves.

Here are their tokenomics:

35% — Treasury fund or the “locked tokens”

20% — Token Sale (Public or Presale)

20% — Is their burn token

10% — Team allocation (Locked Tokens)

10% — This is for their liquidity

5% — For emergency

What is Vention’s Vision? They want authentic masterpieces worth collecting to have the power to be authenticated by anyone through the blockchain. They also want the artists and celebrities promoting their works in a blockchain to be easy to understand and make it user-friendly.

Now, lastly, here is their roadmap:

  • A white paper will be released, private sale and presale, official launching, listing to DEXes like us here at CoinSwap Space, and building up their social media team.
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, Development of NFT application, Exchange listings, and media partnerships.
  • Launching of their NFT Application, Community expansion, collaboration, and NFT sales.
  • The launching of their NFT marketplace, Continued selling of NFTs, partnerships, and doing community projects.

All in all, this is a very promising project as well, and we will see if this can be a big player when it comes to the NFT segment soon, especially in the Philippine market.

Want to know about Vention VNT? Know more about them thru this website: https://vention.app/

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