What is an IDO Launchpad?

The rapid growth of the digital market has prompted numerous business organizations to develop their projects based on the innovation of blockchain technology. For many, blockchain is the backbone of every crypto-based digital application developed with decentralization in mind.

The cryptocurrency community has shown exceptional innovation when it comes to coming up with robust ways to bootstrap projects and generate funds which paved the way to the application of Initial DEX offering (IDO). IDO is a fundraising method that uses a decentralized liquidity exchange. This decentralized network relies on a liquidity pool where investors can exchange cryptocurrencies.

Recently, many IDO projects in the market are listed on launchpad platforms benefiting both startups requiring funds and crypto investors to create a platform that brings in enormous profits and revenues.

An IDO launchpad is a popular concept and an essential component of the DeFi ecosystem. According to Finextra (2021), an IDO launchpad is a marketplace for crypto projects that acts as an investment pool. Investors can invest in these projects listed on the launchpad, which entitles them to participate in them at a discounted pre-sale price before their public offering. The investing process takes place with the initial DEX offering (IDO) model.

IDO launchpads have exploded into popularity over the last few years, benefiting both businesses and investors. Crypto launchpads connect prospective investors with tokenized companies before they become public, allowing investors to purchase tokens at a discount. Additionally, the vetting process used by leading launchpads precludes the launch of rug-pulls or initiatives with no inherent value, giving confidence to their investment community. Further, an IDO launchpad enables businesses to access a plethora of economic opportunities and easily integrate their ideas and tokens into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The blockchains that are utilized in launchpad development include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Kusama, and Cardano. The current crypto launchpads that dominate the blockchain space consist of BSCpad, Bullperks, TrustSwap, DuckStarter, and WeStarter.

As one of the prominent players of the Defi ecosystem, the Coinswap Space continues to broaden its suite of product offerings and deliver quality services to help users maximize their earning opportunities. Currently, Coinswap Space integrated into its platform an IDO launchpad dubbed SpacePad. The SpacePad is a one-of-a-kind launchpad platform built on the Binance blockchain that empowers users to fund a project by connecting their wallet to the platform and donating a specified amount to the platform’s currently featured IDO.

SpacePad is a new and relevant component of the Coinswap Space ecosystem. The platform primarily benefits all CSS token holders by facilitating fair launches, which enables traders of all sizes to invest in the most promising upcoming DeFi projects. The SpacePad increases opportunities to participate in new projects enables an open and secure fundraising process, boosts CSS token volume and prices which will create a positive impact on CSS value from a long-term perspective.

Start accumulating CSS tokens now and get ready to participate in new IDOs. For more information about SpacePad, access Coinswap Space at https://coinswap.space/.




The CoinSwap is a suite of products in Decentralized Finance. Perfect ecosystem for automated liquidity provision on Binance Smart Chain — AMM

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The CoinSwap is a suite of products in Decentralized Finance. Perfect ecosystem for automated liquidity provision on Binance Smart Chain — AMM

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