What is FUDx Coin?

3 min readFeb 25, 2022


The applications and real-world use cases of blockchain technology extend far beyond the realms of cryptocurrencies. Because of its ability to promote decentralization, increase transparency, and enhance security, blockchain technology is creating an impact on a wide range of sectors, affecting everything from how business organizations save time and resources to how people work more efficiently.

Today, there are loads of blockchain applications including money transfers, financial exchanges, lending, insurance, real estate, voting, government benefits, logistics, and supply chain tracking. Market research firm Gartner has come to an analysis that the estimated corporate value-add of blockchain will reach US$176 billion by 2025.

According to market research firm Gartner, the estimated value added by blockchain to businesses would reach US$176 billion by 2025.

Blockchain offers a variety of applications in the delivery industry. These applications modify the possibilities for goods, services, and processes to be altered as they approach data management and transaction execution in a new manner. Delivery companies have increasingly embraced distributed ledger technology and decentralization to create blockchain-based platforms and applications. With the economy moving at a breakneck pace, the complexities grow year after year. Participants and parties involved become increasingly complex, with the middleman benefiting the most and forcing other parties to pay for their earnings and commissions.

One of the companies that adopt the potential of blockchain is FUDx. The firm has been in the catering hospitality business for over a decade and was established out of the demand for restaurants to manage a fleet of supply executives and facilitate the in-house dining experience. Now, FUDx has set out to be the leader to address the current and future challenges and opportunities in the hospitality industry through the application of Ethereum-based blockchain solutions

FUDx is a one-stop delivery marketplace powered by blockchain technology that enables consumers to quickly order anything they want from the nearest retailer. It is the foundation of the next-generation delivery solution for small to enterprise-level businesses. It will be networked to enable the delivery of on-demand and customized services, including autonomous, linked, and shared vehicles, giving consumers an experience that is unique and industry-changing,

FUDx Coin is the utility token of FUDx to connect all parties to transact for all services on its peer-to-peer blockchain network. It will serve as the project’s utility token and the principal currency for all future ecosystem services to be developed. Each FUDx delivery and service app transaction will generate a FUDx token as its practical application. These tokens will be credited to users’ wallets as a reward for using the FUDx platform’s services and becoming a customer. Customers can also purchase tokens at the current market price via crowd sales or various CEX and DEX platforms. Tokens earned in this manner can be redeemed for various gifts, goods, and services from different merchants and online e-commerce businesses. Holders of the token will be able to buy products and services using the token and that too with some special and extra discounted rates.

To ensure that the FUDx remains the most sought hospitality and trusted destination on the blockchain marketplace, FUDx is managed and backed by a team of highly talented and reliable professionals with robust experience in blockchain technology and marketing. The corporate team is currently actively exploring partnerships with distributors and merchants around the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia to establish the world’s first blockchain-based hyperlocal hospitality ecosystem. Additionally, the team ensures that the FUDx coin will be listed on all major exchanges in the future, allowing it to be swapped for other cryptocurrencies, and allowing investors to earn tremendous profits.

Coinswap Space, a prominent decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, recognizes the pivotal role of blockchain in the hospitality industry and delivery business. This is why Coinswap Space has become a launchpad partner of FUDx. This collaboration will likely benefit and expand the platform’s users and holders.

FUDx Coin will be released on the Coinswap Space spacePad platform and will conduct an AMA: Ask Me Anything event, allowing crypto enthusiasts and investors worldwide to interact with the FUDx and CSS team.

Please join us for this highly anticipated AMA session. We will see you all on March 3rd, 2022, at 11 AM UTC. The IDO will officially launch very soon on the Coinswap Space ~ spacePad.




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