What Transpired During The OpenLive NFT AMA?

Before we begin the recap, here are the announcements for the IDO with OpenLive NFT tomorrow!

On 15.01.2022, here is what’s going to happen.

06:00 AM CET — WHITELIST round open join whitelist to get guaranteed access for Tiers participation accordingly to your CSS Power (failing to join Whitelist excludes from participation in IDO).

11:50 AM CET — WHITELIST round will be closed.

Noon IDO round will be open. To participate, please send BUSD accordingly to the amount displayed in the IDO menu (failing to send BUSD, excludes participation in IDO).

14:00 PM CET — IDO round will be closed.

14:30 PM CET — Extra round for Tier 5 all unsold allocation from Tiers 2–4 will be offered to Tier 5 on a First come first serve basis.

15:00 PM CET — Extra round for Tier 5 will be closed.

17:00 PM — Listing on Coinswap.space Tokens will be distributed during TGE.

Total IDO allocation $30,000

IDO ratio OPV price $0.065

1 BUSD = 15.385 OPV

Listing ratio OPV price $0.065

1 BUSD = 15.385 OPV

As for the AMA, this is our first AMA for the year 2022, and we are very happy with its results. There have been a lot of questions that were sent to us, that is why we have trimmed it down and chosen only the 5 best questions that will be answered by the COO of OpenLive NFT herself, who is Ms. Yuuki Sama.

Here are the 5 questions that were raised during this event.

Answer: Let’s talk about the team for a bit. All of the core members have had 5+ years of experience in their profession, coming from different fields as well as having deep knowledge and skills relating to business, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Some of them have founded and co-founded numerous companies before — such as our CEO — Nathan Tran. That for sure would give OpenLive a solid business base. The COO and CCO of OpenLive are also the CEOs and the Chairman of the BOD of World Maria Joint Stock Company. The skills in the business field of our two talents can guarantee the company’s operation as well as customer satisfaction management. Regarding product development, we have Mr. Victor Pham, the CITO of the company, who has had the opportunity to approach learning and growing in the FinTech market over the past 5 years. Mr. Lucid Hoang, our CTO also has 5+ years of experience as Blockchain Project Manager, 4+ years of experience in entertainment games development for the Asia market. As you can see, with such a firm team, we believe OpenLive can greatly burgeon. About our unique selling points! The vision, people, and mission of OpenLive NFT are long-term, sustainable development with the community to join hands to promote NFT to the world (both investors, designers, and non-crypto) Next, we have products with strong investment in R&D and Marketing. Before promoting marketing, OPV has put all of its efforts into R&D to create quality products and explode when they hit the market. Besides R&D, we also have a marketing campaign to first Southeast Asia, Asia, and then globally.

2. NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What will be the OpenLive NFT approach to the NFT sector?

Answer: It’s is undeniable NFT is the hottest topic nowadays. However, it has its reason to be viral. I believe in the future of NFT and its utilities. It will change our current financial system, though not dramatically but will change our perspective about finance. Let me tell you this! Here are some outstanding features of NFT: Firstly, NFT is not divisible, unlike ETH or BTC which is divisible NFTs are intact and indivisible assets. Secondly, NFT is unique! Each NFT is a unique item, no similar product exists, cannot be replaced and copied in any way. Thirdly, verifiable and Identifiable NFT, Artworks stored as NFTs are always original and ownership and authorship can be verified through Blockchain data. This feature is very popular for the digital identification of art products or antique collections. Fourthly, NFTs can be scarce and that’s what drives their prices. While developers can create as many assets as they want, limiting the number of NFTs due to scarcity is well within their reach. And last but not least: Transparency! Because the distribution is decentralized and immutable, where records of token issuance, transfer, and activity can be publicly verified, buyers can trust and verify the authenticity of a particular NFT. That’s the potential future of NFT that people should be serious and focus on. For our part, OPENLIVE NFT’s leadership is the pioneering platform in the NFT Market, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for us to make a stronger breakthrough in the future, especially as the NFT market becomes more mature. However, we also have our advantages: OpenLiveNFT’s outstanding features and variety, Market Buy & Sell NFT, Create & Auction, Collections, Transactions, Multi-chains, Decentralization, UI/ UX. We will also continuously listen to feedback from investors so that we can attract many new users as well as retain a large number of quality old users. The road ahead is still long, I believe that what OpenLiveNFT has done and is doing, proves how explosive the future potential is. That’s all I want to deliver for a very intriguing question.

3. Which one of these aspects is important for you?? -Increasing Token Price & Value -Burning -Empowering Platform Development -Building Community Trust -Expanding Partnership Globally In What Order??

Answer: Our top-most concerns are the product and our beloved users. So Empowering Platform Development and Building Community Trust are our priorities. In this order — Empowering Platform Development — Building Community Trust — Expanding Partnership Globally — Increasing Token Price & Value — Burning So the last three aspects support our concentration. Hope this satisfies your question.

4. How are they Willing to make difference in society? Are they going to help, support, and encourage new NFT creators on their platform?

Answer: We have the NFT Marketplace for a variety of fields, including: — Art — Fantasy Sports — Music — Virtual Estate & Real Estate — Videos — Sports — Games — Domain Names — Accessories — Infrastructure development For a long time, artists and creators have suffered from plagiarism and piracy. With our NFT Marketplace system and technology, we can limit those problems thanks to OpenLive’s ability to trace the origin. With our system, we can make those works even more valuable with blockchain technology, which renders each works unique and one-of-a-kind with no other substitutes and fake copies. This proves extremely beneficial to both the creator and the collector. Our system also offers an easier way to promote the artwork through the internet and secured ownership transparency for NFTs so you don’t have to worry about hackers and scammers that try to steal your asset.

5. PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbones in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of your partners with us? Who are your backers?

Answer: Our partners are Money War, Zuki Moba, STech, JadeLab, CoinPublic, F.A Capital, MetaFuture, and Cowboy Snake. On the development process, we also onboard some top backers around the world such as JLaunchPad, Ufin, and Money Wars. I hope such big names can spark interest within you.



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