Who is DxSpot?

4 min readFeb 9, 2022


The digital world is advancing at a breakneck pace as people are migrating away from physical assets and toward digital assets, as manifested by the dramatic growth in the use of cryptocurrencies. The number of cryptocurrencies continues to rise in popularity, and crypto trading continues to expand at a rapid pace. As of December 2021, there are around 5,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation, with a total market valuation of approximately $2.3 trillion.

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly reinventing itself, which benefits investors by allowing for the introduction of innovations and technologies. The application of artificial intelligence is one such innovation. McCarthy (2004) defines artificial intelligence as “the science and engineering of developing intelligent devices, particularly intelligent computer programs.” It is a computer’s or a robot’s capacity to execute jobs/tasks that are generally performed by humans due to their intelligence and discernment needs. Today, artificial intelligence is heavily used to analyze the cryptocurrency market. It is used for forecasting, sentiment research, locating potential business partners, resolving security concerns, and crypto bot trading.

As a product of artificial intelligence, crypto trading bots are automated computer programs that trade multiple cryptocurrencies at the optimal time to generate a profit. Crypto bots aid traders in the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, maximizing profits while avoiding losses and risks.

There are around 10 million+ crypto traders active worldwide. However, many traders are still unable to react rapidly enough to price movements to make optimal investments. They cannot just devote their time necessary to always make the greatest trades as this will necessitate 24/7 supervision of various cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, one way to solve this issue is to use AI crypto trading bots that will execute the trading on behalf of human investors.

A growing number of cryptocurrency traders are utilizing AI trading bots to automate investments and maximize their profits. Trading bots are believed to account for between 70% and 80% of all cryptocurrency trading volume. These bots may trade according to predefined rules and keep an eye on many marketplaces. Numerous major exchanges offer an API (Application Programming Interface) that enables developers to create software that simplifies and automates the trading process. Pionex, CryptoHopper, CoinRule, TradeSanta, and HaasOnline are just a few of the top cryptocurrency trading bots available on the market. Dx Spot is a new crypto trading bot platform in the DeFi marketplace that can successfully execute trades on crypto exchanges at any time.

Dx Spot is an application-based crypto trading bot platform operating on the Binance Smart Chain network. It aims to become a comprehensive, open-source ecosystem designed for the continuous growth of AI bot trading in the crypto world. As an AI crypto bot, Dx Spot offers a better level of performance and can achieve a higher level of profit generation for investors. This means that if the investors use Dx Spot to trade, they do not need to study and experiment with various techniques and parameters and they can expect a long-term profitable strategy. With Dx Spot, users can mitigate risk and calculate profit or loss based on the data analyzed even if the market is unstable. Dx Spot’s features and capabilities are designed to be intuitive, allowing both beginners and experts to use and benefit from them.

As Dx Spot is developed on the foundations of blockchain technology, it ensures high-level security and safety to all users. The Dx Spot economic model as a crypto token has quality, distribution, and scalability at its heart. The platform has a utility token abbreviated as DXS that is used for the Dx Spot ecosystem with several applications including payment methods, fuel gas costs, gaming, and profile upgrades in social trading. With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 and a circulating supply of 70,000,000, DXS can be used in the staking program and can also be considered a long-term investment as a store of value.

Dx Spot’s development and management teams are managed by capable individuals with extensive experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. They are led by CEO Angga Krisma, Chief Technology Officer Leonard, Chief Operating Officer Loke Wai How, Chief Marketing Officer Antonio Mo, Chief Community Officer Arlene Nungay, Promoter Manager NK Nasir Khan, and Influencer Manager Opadotun Taiwo Joseph.

Dx Spot is intended to grow into a significant and well-adopted ecosystem within the cryptocurrency community. Therefore, investors and holders can anticipate a high rate of return.

Coinswap Space, as a competitive player in the DeFi ecosystem, sees the AI’s potential in cryptocurrency trading. As a result, Dx Spot Coin has become the company’s launchpad partner. This partnership is anticipated to help and grow the platform’s users and holders.

Dx Spot will be released on the Coinswap IDO platform ~ SpacePad and will host an AMA: Ask Me Anything event, allowing crypto enthusiasts from all around the world to communicate with the DXS and CSS teams and obtain first-hand knowledge of the Dx Spot profile and AI crypto trading bot.

We invite you to join us for this much-anticipated event. We’ll see you all on February 18, 2022, for their AMA on our Coinswap Space Telegram Community.




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