Why Chainlink Is Available On CoinSwap Space, and Why the Community Loves It!

Just in case you don’t know, Chainlink is now available on our yield farming pool. And to expand more about Chainlink and know a thing or two about this cryptocurrency, here some details that might interesting for you to know about.

What is Chainlink? Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that is poised to play an important role in the real-world implementation of blockchain technologies. The purpose of this network is to provide input on a variety of external sources of data. This also enables smart contracts to interface with real-world information, providing them with secure access to key data resources. Thru this, Chainlink offers reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs on any blockchain.

Now, what about their tokens? LINK tokens are created to pay node operators within its system. The value and demand for LINK tokens are derived from the number of node operators available to provide off-chain services to Chainlink. As more LINK tokens are used as the Chainlink system’s currency, the more valuable the token becomes.

And now, as the LINK tokens become more famous, more and more people recognized its name. Like the people in our CoinSwap Space Comunity, that have voted for it on our recently conducted poll to become part of our staking and yield farming pool on our platform.

In conclusion, Chainlink’s technology has proven to be one of the most important pillars of the DeFi and broader crypto ecosystem.

Furthermore, Chainlink can be used for anything that would benefit from the transparency, efficiency, and security of blockchain-based smart contracts. It also ensures data is delivered through an open network of nodes where anyone can run their node, participate in staking, and provide data to smart contracts.